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Where to park your car

The historical city centre of Salzburg offers numerous possibilities to park your car. For special discount for the garages please ask the staff at your hotel.


Mönchsberggarage (Hildmannplatz):
- Attention: Max. vehicle height 2,05m
- capacity: 1.347 paking positions
- rate: Please ask for "punching" your ticket in shops or restaurants and you will pay only EUR 3,00 for 4 hours and EUR 5,00 for 8 hours. You can identify the concerning shops and restaurants with an orange sticker on their front door. Standard rate for 10 minutes EUR 0,40; daily maximum rate EUR 14,00.

Garage Barmherzige Brüger (Kajetanerplatz)
- Attention: Max. vehicle height 2,10m
- capacity: 297 parking positions
- rate: depending on the time of access. daily maximum rate EUR 18,00

Raiffeisengarage (Schwarzstraße)
- Max. vehicle height 2,15m
- capacity: 200 parking positions
- rate: EUR 0,80 per 20 minutes. daily maximum rate EUR 24,00

Hypo-Garage (Petersbrunnstraße)
- Max. vehicle height 2,05m
- capacity: 104 parking positions
- rate: 1st and 2nd hour EUR 2,00. daily maximum rate EUR 14,00

Linzergassengarage (Glockengasse)
- Max. vehicle height 2,10 m
- capacity: 400 parking positions
- rate: EUR 2,20 per hour. daily maximum rate EUR 17,60


- Petersbrunnhof: Erzabt-Klotz-Straße/ Petersbrunnstraße
- Basteigasse: Basteigasse (reduced rate from 4pm for punched tickets) 
- Rehrlplatz: Dr.-Franz-Rehrl-Platz
- Rot-Kreuz-Parkplatz: Müllner Hauptstraße
- Müllner Parkplatz: Lindhofstraße


maximum parking term : 3 hours
Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm chargeable (ticket machine)
Saturday 9am - 4pm free of charge with parking meter
Sunday and holidays free of charge

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